Every piece in the M.BARUTTI collection is handcrafted with a lot of love and the highest attention to detail and quality.

In order to preserve your fine jewelry pieces as fresh off our work benches, please consider the following suggestions:





Precious metals and gemstones can be damaged by several substances present in our daily lives.  As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that all fine jewelry be removed and safely stored in any situation where they may be in direct contact with chemicals, hard water, and perspiration. Carefully consider this when:


  • applying makeup, cosmetics, lotions and perfumes;
  • handling cleaning products and doing dishes;
  • showering, swimming, and using a sauna or spa;
  • working out.



Sterling Silver jewelry in their natural bright silver color will tarnish over time as a result of a natural oxidation process.  Salted water, chlorine, and sulfur will expedite the tarnishing process and should be kept away from Silver jewelry if that effect is not desired. 

For all Sterling Silver pieces in our collection with a black patina, please note that this effect is achieved by expediting the natural oxidation process on their surface.  Slight variations in the intensity of the color are a natural result of this process. The patina may fade over time with wear and exposure to oils in the skin, but can be reapplied in our studio.  In order to prolong the life of the patina, we recommend that sterling silver pieces with a patina be removed when washing hands, applying lotion or perfume, and that they be kept dry at all times.  



When considering pieces in 18K Black Rhodium Plated Gold, it is very important to note that, similarly to Sterling Silver with a patina, a slight fading effect may occur over time, but can be reapplied in our studio.  In order to prolong the life of the black plating on the 18K gold, we recommend that pieces be removed when washing hands, applying lotion or perfume,  and that they be kept dry at all times. 




It is important to be mindful when wearing fine jewelry in order to avoid situations where it may be bent and/or scratched.  Refrain from wearing fine jewelry while sleeping, carrying heavy loads, doing house chores, playing sports, etc..  

Particular attention must be given to our lightweight chains and pieces that include Corals, Jades and Opals as they are more susceptible to scratches. 




18K gold and Sterling Silver pieces may be cleaned with warm water and a mild, chemical-free soap utilizing a soft tooth brush. Be sure to dry the jewelry completely with a soft cloth immediately after. 

Never use brushes on our coral, jade and opal jewelry.  

Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners and contact us if you feel that your pieces from our collection need a stronger professional cleaning.

As with all fine jewelry, it is a good habit to inspect your collection periodically looking out for things such as stones that may become loose in their setting over time, the integrity of the stones (cracks and chips) and the functionality of areas that perform repetitive motions such as necklace and bracelet closures and ear posts.  Should fine tuning be needed over the years, please contact us at info@mbarutti and we will be happy to bring your M.BARUTTI jewelry back to its original state!